Anime Battle 4.3
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Anime Battle 4.3

Anime Battle 4.3 is an amazing fighting game with characters from different anime series.

In Anime Battle 4.3, where the most powerful heroes from your favorite anime engage in intense duels. It’s up to you to decide who will emerge victorious. Choose your favorite character from an ever-expanding roster of heroes, each equipped with devastating special techniques.

The game offers multiple modes, including solo play, two-player versus, and co-op. Enjoy the flexibility of playing on any device—computer, mobile, or tablet. Following the end of Flash technology, Anime Battle has been completely rebuilt, now featuring 27 heroes from various anime and literary series, with more characters being added regularly.

Update 4.3 introduces six new characters from the manga BlazBlue Alter Memory, including Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Azrael, and Naoto Kurogane. With constant updates and an evolving cast, Anime Battle 4.3 promises endless excitement and fierce battles.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Player 1 just Press J to select and start game.

AD: move
S: Defense
J: attack /select
K: jumps
L: instantaneous step
U/I/O: key skills (There are COOL DOWN timer)
P: modifier key

Player 2:
←→: move
↓: Defense
1: attack /select
2: jumps
3: instantaneous step
4/5/6: key skills
9: modifier key

Enter: Pause