A Little to the Left
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A Little to the Left

“A Little To The Left” is a charming and engaging puzzle game that invites players into a soothing, yet intriguing world of domestic organization. Unlike traditional puzzle games, which often rely on fast-paced action or complex problem-solving, “A Little To The Left” focuses on the meditative act of tidying and arranging. This unique premise offers a refreshing break from the norm, providing a tranquil and satisfying gameplay experience.

At the heart of the game is the simple joy of sorting, stacking, and organizing a variety of household items. From books and utensils to leaves and geometric shapes, each level presents players with a delightful array of objects to arrange into their proper places. The game’s intuitive design encourages players to find beauty in order, as they experiment with different configurations to create harmonious and aesthetically pleasing arrangements.

However, the tranquility of “A Little To The Left” is playfully disrupted by the presence of a mischievous cat, adding a layer of whimsy and unpredictability to the game. This furry companion has a penchant for chaos, often undoing your careful arrangements or introducing unexpected obstacles. The cat’s antics not only add charm and personality to the game but also challenge players to adapt their strategies and think creatively to overcome the feline-induced disorder.

The dynamic between the calming task of organization and the cat’s playful interference creates a delightful tension, making each level both relaxing and engaging. Players must remain vigilant and adaptable, ready to address any surprises the cat may bring. This blend of serene puzzle-solving and gentle mischief captures the unpredictable nature of everyday life, making “A Little To The Left” a relatable and endearing experience.

This is a demo. You can get full game on steam.

Concept: Anne Macmillan, Lukas Steinman
Illustration: Anne Macmillan
Programming: Lukas Steinman

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